The Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries will unify the lobbying efforts of country’s wood products manufacturers and safeguard the growth of the bioeconomy

The Finnish wood products industry’s lobbying and research coordination will now be concentrated in the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries. As part of this reorganisation, the federation is becoming a branch organisation of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Mr Matti Mikkola has been named Managing Director of the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries. Mikkola has diverse experience of the wood products industry, having held executive positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing, business development and research both in Finland and internationally.

“We want to safeguard the growth and internationalisation of our sector by establishing a strong and unified voice for the wood products industry of Finland. Wood construction and its related solutions have enormous potential both domestically and on the international markets. More effort must be put into promoting the use of wood products to boost awareness of them,” Managing Director Matti Mikkola says.

The industry is coordinating its top research and expertise to focus on supporting and enabling the growing use of wood products. This effort is not limited to Finland, as it is important for the industry to cooperate both nationally and in Europe. Promoting the use and acceptance of tightly-regulated construction products calls for shared industry endeavours as well as product- and materials-based lobbying in relation to legislation and standardisation.

The wood products industry is at the core of the bioeconomy

The woodworking industry is doing its part to ensure the realisation of the bioeconomy. This will generate much-needed jobs and export revenues. “The woodworking industry is at the core of the bioeconomy and one of its enablers. Growing use of wood products boosts the flow of raw materials to the mechanical forest industry’s factories, thus also supporting the growth of the bioproducts industry. Keep in mind, also, that wood products are recyclable and promote the wellbeing of the environment and people,” Managing Director Matti Mikkola points out.

Finland’s wood products industry consists of several components that all have one thing in common – the recyclable and ecological raw material wood. The sawmill and panel products sector represents the export-oriented side of today’s wood products industry in Finland. Construction carpentry and joinery industry companies primarily focus on the domestic market, acting as suppliers of wood modules and structural solutions, infrastructure builders, door and window producers as well as cabinet and furniture manufacturers. The development and growth of wood construction opens new export opportunities for companies in the construction carpentry industry as well.

The membership is presently being expanded with new companies and associations. At the start, the members of the Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries are Metsä Wood, Stora Enso Wood Products, UPM Timber (sawmill branch) and UPM Plywood (plywood branch) as well as the Versowood Group. Members from the joinery industry are Alavus Ikkunat Oy, Domus Yhtiöt Oy, Inwido Finland Oy, Lammin Ikkuna Oy, Novart Oy, Ovesta Oy, Skaala Oy and Topi-Kalustaja Oy.

Further information: Managing Director Matti Mikkola, Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries, tel. +358 40 829 4026, matti.mikkola@woodworkingindustries.fi

The Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries lobbies for Finland’s wood products manufacturers and provides a common voice for the industry. It serves the wood products industry by supporting its growth, competitiveness, renewal and European cooperation. The wood products industry is an integral part of the forest-based sector and at the core of the bioeconomy. Its products are made from a renewable raw material, can be recycled and are known to promote the wellbeing of people and the environment. The wood products industry employs about 30,000 people in Finland and generated exports valued at some €2.5 billion in 2014. www.woodworkingindustries.fi

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