Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries 

Puutuoteteollisuus ry / Federation of the Finnish Woodworking Industries is a confederation for Finnish woodworking and wood products industry companies. It roots from the 1940'ies but it took its current shape 2015.

Our company members are 

  • Metsä Fibre
  • Metsä Wood
  • Stora Enso Wood Products Oy Ltd
  • UPM Plywood
  • UPM Timber
  • Versowood Oy
  • LapWall Oy
  • Lehto Components Oy
  • SP Elementit Oy
  • CLT Finland Oy
  • CLT Plant Oy
  • Oy Crosslam Kuhmo Ltd
  • WoodComp Oy
  • Puurakentajat Group Oy
  • VVR Wood Oy
  • Pölkky Oy
  • Kontiotuote Oy
  • Suomen Rakennustuote Oy
  • Late-Rakenteet Oy
  • Kestopalkki Oy

Member federations

Associated companies

  • Timberpoint Oy
  • Sweco Rakennetekniikka Oy
  • JVR-Rakenne Oy
  • Ramboll Finland Oy
  • A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
  • Matek Modules
  • Avain Yhtiöt Oy
  • HankeMestarit Oy

We are one of the shareholders of Puuinfo Oy.

We are a member in the European Confederation of the Woodworking Industries CEI-Bois and the Eurowindoor ASBL.

Our tasks

Main activity areas are lobbying on national and European level, standardisation, R&D coordination, environmental matters and communication. 

Our aim is to help to initiate and support policies that enable and promote the use of wood in Finland. That is done in cooperation with the Ministries and other public stakeholders. We are contributing to the Wood Construction Programme in the current governamental programme. One of our priorities is the education policies that should take into consideration the future needs of our sector when providing education and training on all levels.

The standardisation of wood products is handled by The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT on our behalf. We are active in the standardisation groups TC 33, TC 38, TC 112, TC 124, TC 175 and the TC 250 Eurocodes.

The R&D coordination activities stem from the discontinuation of the work of the Wood Research Council. Main activity is to follow the financing available and to point out important issues. An important task is to raise awareness of research needs and help the stakeholders to find partners in projects. In that the main tools is our research portal. It is a place where research units may feed information on planned, on-going or finished projects. The portal can be used also in English.


Our aim is to create awareness of the environmental benefits using wood brings in construction. One important tool there are the environmental product declarations, EPD's, that we promote. 

Staff and contact details

Siltasaarenkatu 12 A, 8th floor, 00530 Helsinki

General e-mail address info@puutuoteteollisuus.fi

Personal e-mail addresses name.surname@puutuoteteollisuus.fi

Matti Mikkola, tel +358 40 829 4026, Managing director

Dr Tech. Tomi Toratti, tel +358 50 536 1702,  Chief advisor: standardization, structural wood products

Aila Janatuinen, tel +358 40 539 6670, Chief advisor: environment, circular economy, builders carpentry

Sauli Ylinen, +358 400 270 752, Chief advisor: digitalisazion, operating environment, wood construction

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